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Please read and follow this before you start!
Beginner's Guide


Join our FB Private group

Goldman Seeds Learning Group Link:


Our Learning Group will give courses on options/futures and trading strategies, which will help students master trading strategies more effectively after completing online courses. We will be conducted in LIVE in the group. Please pay attention to our schedule after joining the group.


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login to your member site

Go to and log in by keying your username & password

You will find your courses in there and other support materials.



Apply your think or swim (TOS) brokerage account

Go to to apply a new TOS account

When opening a TOS Live Account (trading platform), the paper money account will be opened first, and the Live Account will take time to be reviewed (approx. 2 months for now) before it can be opened.


It is recommended to open the TOS Account before proceeding with the course. Because the chart and indicators need to be set in the strategy course, you can set the TOS Account while you are in class.


Note: The Scan function can only be set and operated in the LIVE Account on the TOS trading platform!


(The tutorial for opening a TOS LIVE Account can be found in the “Guideline” of the “Support Center”)

support 2.JPG


TOS basic settings & tutorials in the support center

After opening a TOS Live Account, please do settings in the TOS trading platform in your Paper Money Account.


The same basic settings must be done after the TOS Live Account is opened. The TOS basic settings tutorial can be found in the “Guideline” of the “Support Center”.


There are many teachings in the “Guideline” of the “Support Center”, including tutorials on how to use the course website, TOS platform explanation, remittance steps, etc.


So everyone can make good use of these tutorials to help you use the course website and TOS platform more effectively.

basic setting.JPG



After you watch the video in the course, Join our Facebook Live to continue learning.

​There are many tutorial videos in the FB Private Group, including real strategy courses, TOS platform usage and Q&A link tutorials.

These tutorial classes can effectively help you master trading strategies and practical experience.

All tuition classes can be found in Post Topics in our FB Group

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Free Course- Option Basics

Take your time to complete the FREE Option foundation courses (18 Courses) & also the Part 1 and Part 2 of the compulsory course of Option Introduction, which teaches the concept of options and explanations of technical analysis.


(Part 1 and Part 2 courses can be found on the "Homepage")

Part 1.JPG
Part 2.JPG


Join our 3 Hours LIVE with Mac Foong Strategy Course for Free

We are giving you also a FREE 3 hours course LIVE with Mac Foong. (This will be repeated once every month so you will definitely not missed it!) 

We highly suggest you complete the 18 option basic course before you attend to this 3 hrs session so that you will have a better understanding of how options & technical analysis works!

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View our latest Weekly Outlook live by Mac Foong

LIVE Weekly outlook video access is only for those who has purchased our Strategy Course.

Every Sunday night, Mac Foong will analyze the trend of the U.S. stock market for the previous next week through LIVE in the Group. We can help us make judgments when trading through the analysis.

However, you can view the latest full recorded session when you click the link below

We will send you the password through Wahtsapp

每周一小时 视频周报.jpg


Before Starting Live Trading

After finishing the trading strategy course, it is strongly recommended that you first use a simulated account (Paper Money Account) for operation practice, and you should be familiar with all the trading operations before you start LIVE Account actual trading.


It is recommended to practice at least 10 times in actual operation, including setting Target and Cut Loss after entering the field, and Manually Close Position.


This can help you avoid unnecessary losses due to operational errors!



Ready to Start

Please ensure that you have fully understand how to choose the better strike price, expiration date and etc including how to correctly execute entry and exit. In addition, risk management is very important to protect the apitals in your account.

If you wish to learn more about  different strategies on Option Trading, please visit our Strategy Course page and learn more about the different types of Strategy you have.

Also, please contact us if you have any questions, and we will do our best to help!

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Strategy Course 2.JPG

That's It!

Let's get Started!

Happy Learning & Happy Trading!

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