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Automated order trading with programmatic automated trading helps us to obtain good and stable investment returns. It also increases the speed of order placement, helping investors avoid being affected by emotional bands and realize rational investment.

Trading Courses

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Algorithm Trading System

An automated trading system developed by GS Algotech to carry out Future Trading

Algorithmic trading (also called automated trading or algo-trading) uses a computer program that follows a defined set of instructions (an algorithm) to place a trade. The trade, in theory, can generate profits at a speed and frequency that is impossible for a human trader.

The defined sets of instructions are based on timing, price, quantity, or any mathematical model. Apart from profit opportunities for the trader, algo-trading renders markets more liquid and trading more systematic by ruling out the impact of human emotions on trading activities. 


Trading with algorithms has the advantage of scanning and executing on multiple indicators at a speed that no human could do. Since trades can be analyzed and executed faster, more opportunities are available at better prices.

Automatic Trading

Minimal Trading knowledge required, as algorithm will carry out trade automatically when triggered without effecting daily life .


Since algorithms are written beforehand and are executed automatically, the main advantage is speed. The speed at which these trades are made is measured in fractions of a second, faster than humans can perceive.

Non Emotional

Another advantage to algorithmic trading is accuracy. If a computer is automatically executing a trade, you get to avoid the pitfalls of accidentally putting in the wrong trade associated with human trades. 

Why we Choose Futures For our Algorithm System?
  • Futures are regulated &  under by Securities Commission (SC)

  • 23 hours / 5 days for futures trading hours providing more opportunities

  • Low Risk for Intra Day Trading

  • Dual Direction Trading available either Bullish or Bearish Trend

sTRATEGY development

Choose the Products

Construct Trading Strategy

Trading Strategy Programming



Strategy Optimization


Back Test

Strategy Monitoring & Maintenance

Gold Raider

Algorithm Future Trading


  • Profit Accuracy of 86.3%

  • Our system is designed to carry out intra-day trading for future market either in direction or non-direction trend.

  • Tested with 100% quantitative Diagonal Arbitrage achieving average price relationship through trend ratio, volatility and other factor.

  • Forward Test Results Shows an average of 3 times trigger daily


Profit Probability

Quantitative Result

Effective Data

Daily Trigger

Algorithm Demo video
Trading Platform Used :
We are also the Main Distributor of Multichart (Mandarin) in Malaysia
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