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Future Development

Financial Education  |  Talent & Skills Integration  | Algorithm Trading System

COmpany Outlook

Future Development will be focused into 3 main fields which includes Financial Education, Talent & Skills integration and continuous development of Algorithm Trading System.

The field of financial education has potentially great tangible and intangible values and our principles is always to make use of education as our cornerstone to continuously nurture outstanding new talents. Integrating these talents with the technology and skill set of Goldman Seeds will create a company with good competitive advantage


For the year 2020, our next immediate goal would be to source for the suitable trading platform certified by Securities and Exchange Commission to become one of our strategic partner, to develop the algorithm trading system, and reach a win-win consensus.

future prospects

Finance is the pulse of the world

The financial industry is vast, the ecosystem covers globalization, and it will never be a sunset industry

Economic cycle history repeats itself

Economic cycles will directly affect financial markets. Financial data can become a quantitative reference value for big data in the investment field. And we foresee the increasing demand for one to become technical analysts.

a leading field in all industry

Financial knowledge is always one of the key towards the success of any industry. Entrepreneur  will need to gain financial knowledge to help propel their business to the next level faster.

Finance Technology leading the world

Recent development of fintech creates more solutions and provide simplicity to investor with efficient and effective ways to increase possibility to gain profit in the financial market with example such as Algorithm

OUR Strategic GOALS

Strengthening OUR education System

To continuously strengthen and optimize course materials to ensure that our students will get to learn the most updated knowledge as financial market is an ever changing environment .

Strengthening OUR Team

Source for Talents among students, or integrate talents from the market, to build a Professional Financial Team.

Development of leading technology

Continuous development of Algorithm systems that will lead to artificial intelligent technology and make greater breakthroughs in finance technology

Creating the path to wealth

Continuous maintaining the financial ecosystem so that all students, investors, and strategic partners who work with us can create value and wealth

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